Hellgate Farm CSA

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Think of your CSA membership as a subscription to 22 weeks of local, sustainably-grown veggies. By purchasing a CSA share, you are supporting our small, urban farm by investing in a share of vegetables prior to the start of the season.

Our CSA Share currently only include vegetables with the option of adding eggs. We also sell honey, jams, hot sauce, tea, and tinctures during our Sunday market at the farm!

Why enroll?

  • Weekly bounties of fresh organic, nutrient dense produce
  • Locally grown
  • Cost effective
  • You are a share holder in the farm
  • Delicious! (You’ll taste the quality)

As a member, you are a share holder in the farm and can be an active part of the evolution of Hellgate. We welcome your input, suggestions, and questions. We encourage members to bring us their compost, as that is a mode of recycling nutrients back to the soil which their food came from.

Furthermore, supporting local urban agriculture has wide reaching benefits. It certainly makes a lot more sense then trucking our food 3000 miles from California, which is how the majority of our produce makes it to NYC. Besides reducing the amount of diesel exhaust from tractor trailers entering the NYC area, other community benefits include reducing the heat island effect, storm water runoff, and adding green spaces to NYC which are not only enjoyable for people but also beneficial natural habitats.


The cost of our Vegetable CSA Share is $25.00 per week for 22 weeks of locally-grown veggies. CSA members also have the option of purchasing an Egg CSA Share for $4.50 per week for 22 weeks. Due to the limited number of egg shares we have, we can only offer egg shares to those who have already purchased a vegetable share. How do we come up with the cost? During the dreary months of winter, we hunker down and go over our finances (yes farmers have to do office work as well!). The price of a CSA share takes into consideration the resources and materials needed to grow your food! We believe that good food should be accessible to everyone so we try our very best to keep the cost as low as possible, but remember, farmers need to eat too! We also offer payment plans for those who are interested. 


Our pick-up times are Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:30 PM and Sundays from 1 to 3 PM.  Pick-up is at our pilot site in Astoria, NY, blocks away from the 30th Ave. stop off of the N & Q trains.  Members are encouraged to spend some time on the farm with the chickens, bees, and many plants. We at Hellgate Farm think it’s important to know where your food is coming from. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to deliver CSA shares to our members individually.

What kind of veggies can I expect to get in my CSA share?

The final menu is still a work in progress, but we pride ourselves on having a huge diversity for such a small space. Some items to look forward to are various varieties of kale, collard greens, lettuce, swiss chard, radishes, basil, mint, dill, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, kohlrabi, turnips, beets, eggplant, onions, peas, and garlic. Our members can also add farm fresh eggs to their weekly share for $4.50/week (just ask us about it!). We also sell surplus produce, jars of honey, and other value added products like jams, sauces, teas and tinctures at our farmers markets, every Sunday at the farm!

What our CSA members are sharing!

‘Getting a weekly bag of produce from Hellgate Farm was always something exciting to look forward to – you never know what exactly what you are going to get! With produce and herbs that you don’t normally buy, you find new uses for the produce and become more creative in your cooking which is always a fun challenge! The produce is always super fresh and very flavorful. The figs are especially delightful!’- Jene

‘The food was fresh and delicious. It’s nice to eat local organic produce that comes from my very own backyard!’-Mitchell

‘Great heirloom tomatoes!’- Karli

‘As local and friendly as it can get!’- Shannon


Did we convince you?

Purchase your Csa share