Hellgate Farm Internship, 2017

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a compensated internship for the 2017 season. The intern will wear hats of two quickly growing grassroots companies that operate under the same roof, Hellgate Farm Inc. and Homestead Design Build LLC. The internship will focus on regenerative agriculture and construction in NYC.


What we are looking for:

Our ideal candidate will be interested in the study and practice of sustainable living and want to reflect that passion in their work. They will be an eager partner in two growing grassroots companies, not a clock watching employee.

Candidates should have experience in at least one facet, field or office work, as pertaining to the description below, and excitement about learning the other. Flexibility is a must, to be able to drop what one is doing on a computer and run out to handle an issue in a garden. We need someone with a roll up their sleeves attitude who is excited about making these projects work. Please do not apply if you are not enthusiastic about a job where you are both in an office and working outside, and remember that there will be beautiful sunny days that you need to work in the office and rainy cold days where we need help outside. The breakdown of time in the field versus performing administrative tasks in the office will vary throughout the season and requires a lot of flexibility in the intern, but overall will be approximately 50/50. We need someone who can update our website and handle client billing for 2 hours to start the day and then hop out to a rooftop garden to harvest eggplant and then weigh, catalog, and deliver them to a local restaurant. Another aspect of the internship is that interns will be living where they work: this will be an intense but extremely rewarding experience for the right person.

The base structure of the internship is 24 hours (3 days) per week with opportunities for additional paid hours. This structure is 8 hour days (generally 8:30AM to 5PM with a half hour uncompensated break), but flexibility is both needed and given with proper communication to occasionally switch days.


Hellgate Farm is a growing network of urban farms that grow food organically through land partnerships in Queens backyards and rooftops. The food is distributed directly to consumers and restaurants in the same areas to do our part to create a food system that is truly local, rooted in community. We utilize various organic techniques in our diverse growing areas. Recently Hellgate Farm has focused on value added items including hot sauce, ketchup, and pickles. We will be building several solar dehydrators to dehydrate various produce in 2017.

Homestead Design Build is the design and contracting arm associated with Hellgate Farm that integrates food production into buildings and therefore works closely with Hellgate Farm and its partnerships. Beyond food production, HDB focuses on energy and space efficiency, alternative ways to produce energy, and utilizing reclaimed materials. Examples include interior renovations and retrofitting city rooftops. HDB’s team includes licensed structural engineers, permaculture designers, and green builders who believe it is the only moral and logical thing to do. We want to see every rooftop a garden and source of social space and energy production. We want to see every building used responsibly and efficiently in terms of energy and space usage, and honoring old materials in a beautiful artistic way through upcycling. We want to see every backyard become a flourishing habitat again, for birds and bees and human beings.

What are the expectations of the intern?

We need an intern who is willing and excited to work both in the office and in the field.

1.   In the office

This is an informal environment that requires a lot of self-direction. The office is in the top floor of the Hellgate Farm house on the original property where the urban farm started in 2011, which is also a working home. The focus will be for Hellgate Farm. Some task for each grassroots company:

A)   For Hellgate Farm

  • Managing the social media (facebook, instagram) and updating the website
  • Helping to create food justice initiatives in the community, and to create educational programs on urban permaculture through on-site classes and online resources.
  • Coordination of helpers and material logistics for gardens
  • Assisting with other administrative task

B)   For Homestead Design Build

  • Developing the social media and website (www.homesteaddb.com) for the company.
  • Print, scan, copy design drawings.
  • Work with excel spreadsheets.
  • Follow up with various entities within and outside the business and help track project milestones.


2.   In the field

A)   For Hellgate Farm

  • Take pictures of gardens for the website and social media.
  • Work with farm employees seed starting and care.
  • Working to cultivate, maintain, and harvest gardens throughout Astoria and Long Island City. This includes, but is not limited to, helping
  • Infrastructure: build raised beds, install and troubleshoot irrigation, weeding and pruning. Must be on board for a lot of outdoor activity!
  • Facilitating the production of value-added farm goods for Hellgate Farm Kitchen.
  • Deliver items as needed to various sites and harvest the gardens.
  • Work on expanding the composting program at Hellgate Farm including coordinating restaurant waste pickups.
  • Outreach for various programs at local events.

B)   For Homestead Design Build

  • Take pictures of work sites for the website and social media.
  • Assisting employees and partners with on-site construction projects.
  • Current HDB projects include: coffee shop renovation with reclaimed wood benches and custom fabricated factory windows; full permaculture design build of green roof, backyard garden and 1,000 gallon rainwater capture system; custom built furniture from our on-site workshop.
  • If possible making runs to pick-up or deliver construction materials. (Dependent on Driver’s license which is preferred, but not required.)

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  • Free housing on the Hellgate Farm main site in Astoria including electric, gas, and internet utilities. Housing will be provided from March 1st 2017 to October 31st 2017, corresponding to the length of the initial internship. The other inhabitants of the property fluctuate but generally are like-minded individuals in the gardening and sustainable construction fields. This will be a communal living situation, and it is very important that the intern is comfortable with that.
  • There will be opportunities for paid work beyond the base 3 day work week, which can be discussed further during the interview.

If this position sounds like something you could get excited about, please send us your resume and a brief paragraph about why you feel this internship could be for you. Please email contact@hellgatefarm.com. We highly prefer an in person interview, but will consider all applications on a case-by-case basis. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis starting in January 2017. We are hoping to fill this position as soon as possible, so please apply!